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We are providing quality care in the field of Physiotherapy. We´´´ re focused on solving musculoskeletal pain (including backpain and headache), prevention, Physiotherapy in pregnancy and after the labor, post-traumatic and post-operative Physiotherapy and also treatment of foot pain and correction of weak body-posture of children up to 7 years old. We´re used to also treating unusual and more complicated problems. 

During the therapy we´re using methods based on a neurophysiological basis (DNS, PNF), method of Ludmila Mojžíšová and massage techniques. 

We see everyone as an individual, therefore we´re always offering complex solutions and empathy is a matter of course for us. 

Our priority is your health and contentment. 

Problems we´re often solving

  • backpain, headache, pain of the joints
  • Physiotherapy of children as well as newborns - handling, control of right motoric development and its support, children feet
  • problems with getting pregnant, painful menstruation, incontinention and other problems connected with pelvic muscles
  • pregnancy - preventive Physiotherapy, backpain, pelvic pain, preparation for labor
  • diastasis, weakness of pelvic muscles, care of a scar after C-section, episiothomy or other surgery
  • post-traumatic and post-operative states (knees, shoulders, ankles, back, ....)
  • pain from overloading of the musculoskeletal system and enthesopathy (runners knee, tennis elbow,....)
  • weak body-posture correction of adults as well as of children, ergonomics of sitting and at the workspaces
  • prevention of injury during sports of adults as well as children/sports Physiotherapy
  • foot pain, flat feet, hallux valgus
  • corrections of bad stereotypes including corrections of sport activities
  • individual yoga classes based on your wish

About me

My name is Dita Raková, I´m Physiotherapist and Yoga instructor. I´m working in the field of Physiotherapy since 2012. I graduated from Masaryk´s University, Medical Faculty in Brno. 

I decided to start working on my own, because I want to offer my clients - You - way better care than what is offered in classical state physiotherapeutic ambulances.  I know how difficult it can be to give a patient 100% quality care, when there´s a limited amount of time for therapy and I like doing the best I can to help you. 

I want to transmit everything I´ve learned in professional courses, in my practice, what I´ve tried on myself and what worked for my previous clients. I want everyone to have access to quality information so everyone can decide to be healthy and to have pleasure from sport or just basic everyday movement or from playing with a baby. 

Movement can affect our health very positively, but if it´s being done in a wrong way it can be damaging. My goal is your contentment, enjoying everyday movement with no pain. 


Physiotherapy including complex examination

Ludmila Mojžíšová therapy

Physiotherapy in pregnancy and after the labor

Post-traumatic and post-operative Physiotherapy

Pregnancy manual therapy 



We´´ re not cooperating with health insurance companies so payment is avaliable only in cash, by QR code or in advance on our bank account.


55 minutes, include examination, manual and movement therapy

1100 Kč

Acute Physiotherapy

55 minutes, good for acute pain, this therapy is mainly manual

1200 Kč

Kinesiotaping during the Physiotherapy

50-150 Kč

Physiotherapy in pregnancy/after the labor

55 minutes, include examination, manual and movement therapy

1100 Kč

Pregnancy manual therapy (therapeutical/relaxation)

55 minutes, available from the end of a 1st trimester, after 25 week of pregnancy can include massage of belly when you can get to know exact position of your baby, massage is always based on your current wish and need

1200 Kč

Preventive Physiotherapy

55 minute lessons (length of a lesson can be also different)

1100 Kč

Gift vouchers

With our gift vouchers, you can treat friends and family to a session or class at our clinic


Pricelist valid from 1st January 2024

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